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Sustainability & Environment

As an eco-friendly company, Nutrienta is committed to helping to create a more sustainable world through our use of eco-friendlier packaging, energy-efficient production processes, renewable energy and only UK-based suppliers.

We firmly believe that human wellbeing is inseparable from the wellbeing of our planet, which is why we go the extra mile to minimise the impact our products, processes and packaging have on the environment.

Nutrienta Sustainability

Recyclable Packaging

We openly acknowledge that no single-use packaging can ever be truly environmentally friendly, but we use as little as possible in order to keep our products safe and secure.

Minimal Packaging

Minimal Packaging

Our little pouches utilise the minimum amount of packaging that is required to keep the products protected and in good condition. Their small size and weight (only 5g) mean they require less raw materials, they are cheaper to store and transport, they are letterbox friendly, and there is less material to recycle afterwards.

Nutrienta cares

100% Recyclable

Unlike most zipper-pouches (which aren’t recyclable), our little pouches are made from a single polymer (LDPE), which means they are 100% recyclable and can be “widely recycled”, so they don’t need to end up in a landfill. They can be dropped off at your local supermarket along with old carrier bags and other food packaging bags.

Nutrienta cares

Better Value

Recyclable pouches are MORE expensive than conventional pouches and bottles, but their reduced size and weight means our fulfilment costs are LOWER. This allows us to use high-quality, vegan-friendly, bio-available ingredients and still keep our products affordable.

Other Options Were Considered

We carefully considered all other mainstream packaging options and chose recyclable pouches because we believe they are currently have the least environmental impact. And if you aren’t completely convinced let’s quickly consider the alternatives‚Ķ

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Plastic Bottles & Plastic Lids

Even small plastic bottles (25g) use 5 x more plastic than our handy little pouches (5g). Also, bottles are bulky, so they are more costly to manufacture, transport, store and deliver to consumers. Plus there is 5 times more material to recycle after the product has been consumed.

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"Compostable" Zipper Pouches

These pouches are, in theory, “industrially compositable” but very few suitable facilities exist in the UK, and without a dedicated domestic collection service, there is no eco-friendly way to dispose of them. They don’t decompose in a garden compost bin and they aren’t recyclable, so they usually end up in a landfill.

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Glass Bottles & Aluminium Lids

Glass bottles and aluminium lids may sound more eco-friendly, but getting the raw materials out of the ground isn’t! Plus, they are bulky, heavy and require a lot of energy and resources to manufacture, transport and recycle.

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"Kraft Paper" Zipper Pouches

They look environmentally friendly from the outside, but layers of foil and/or plastic lie beneath. These mixed-material laminated pouches are actually unfriendly to the environment because they cannot be recycled or composted, so they usually end up in a landfill.

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"Plastic-Free" Zipper Pouches

These pouches aren’t actually plastic-free! The outer layer is paper-based but the inner layer and zipper are made from PLA, which is definitely a type of plastic! These laminated mixed-materials are very difficult to recycle so usually end up in a landfill.

Green Tick

Recyclable Zipper Pouches

As previously stated, our handy little recyclable pouches use 5 x less plastic than a small plastic bottle, and they are fully recyclable. They are made from 100% LDPE which is widely recyclable because you can recycle them along with your plastic carrier bags.

Have We Missed Anything?

If you are aware of another mainstream packaging solution that is more environmentally-friendly but still practical and economically viable, please let us know because we are always open to new and innovative ideas!

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