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Nutrienta Supplements Ltd

About Us

Nutrienta is a small family business that is owned and operated by food technologists, trained in nutrition, new product development, food safety and quality. We have a personal interest in natural health and healthy living, so this isn’t just our business – it is our passion!

We realise that health-oriented consumers are more knowledgeable and discerning than ever before, and know they are looking for products that stand out from the crowd and really deliver. However, busy lifestyles mean they often don’t have time to do the research and find the best products. So we have done all the hard work for you, meaning you can sit back, leave it to the experts and trust that we only offer the best products.

Lee & Sarah

About Nutrienta Supplements

Our Philosophy & Values

Honesty, integrity and service are high among our personal values, and customer satisfaction and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do.


Excellence in Everything

We are committed to providing high quality, high-strength, bio-available, clean-label, effective and affordable supplements that are backed by real science.


Our unique, expertly-formulated, optimal-strength, bio-available, clean-label, supplements differentiate us from our competitors.

Only The Best

Supplements are supposed to be good for us, so we offer a “cleaner” alternative to most other vitamin pills that are currently on the market.

First-Class Service

In addition to providing the highest quality products, we are equally committed to providing our valued customers with first-class customer service.


Honest & Open

We want everyone to know exactly what they’re putting into their body and how each ingredient will benefit them.

High Standards

All of our supplements blends are formulated and manufactured to strict food quality, safety and legal standards.

Customer Focused

Your wellbeing and satisfaction drive everything we do because we want to help make the world a healthier and happier place.

Great Reputation

We only work with highly reputable companies who excel at what they do, because that helps us to excel at what we do.

Science Driven

We have researched hundreds of scientific papers and we keep our finger on the industry pulse in order to develop our unique product formulations.

Our Product Philosophy

All of our products have been lovingly developed with no unnecessary ingredients, no ridiculously high doses and no excess packaging.

Full of Goodness

Nutrienta supplements have been expertly formulated to pack the maximum amount of high-quality essential nutrients into every little capsule.

Safe & Effective

Expertly formulated to contain effective levels of nutrients, without going overboard and breaching the safe levels.

No Allergens

Our products have been carefully formulated to contain NONE of the 14 major allergens, including gluten, milk, egg, soya, sesame, peanuts and nuts.

High Bio-Availability

We select the most bio-available version of vitamins and minerals, wherever possible, e.g. zinc citrate instead of zinc oxide.

Easy to Swallow

Our supplements are served in size 1 vegan capsules because they are smaller and easier to swallow than the more-common larger capsules and tablets.

Vegan Friendly

We wanted to ensure our products suitable for just about everyone, so they are all suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and they have NOT been tested on animals.

No Nasty Additives

Nobody likes artificial additives their food, so we don’t use them in our supplements. No GMOs, unnecessary additives, artificial colours or flavours.

Great Value

We believe in delivering premium quality, effective products that are competitively priced so they remain affordable for our lovely customers.

Eco Friendly

Nutrienta is an eco-friendly company, so we do our best to ensure that our products and packaging have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Allergen Information

Our products have been carefully formulated to contain NONE of the 14 major allergens that are listed in Annex II of the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulations (1169/2011).

And because our high quality supplements are manufactured to HACCP and GMP standards in the “clean room” of a modern, well-equipped, specialised production facility, you can rest assured that there are is no chance of allergen cross-contamination either.

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